One Hour Typography Challenge courtesy of The London Design Festival.

Want to take a one-hour typography challenge?

We’re offering no prizes – this is just a bit of fun for the long winter evenings – but we will publish the five designs we like best on the London Design Festival website and our Facebook page here, alongside a little information about you and your design practice.

Back in 2009 Pentagram did a great campaign for us based around quotations from major design figures.
We’d like to revisit that idea by asking you to design a simple A4 poster based around one of the quotes you’ll find on this website:

The rules are simple:

• Choose ONE quote from the list and find an original, impactful way of representing that graphically

• You must take no longer than an hour. OK, so we’ve no way of telling if you’re cheating or not, but we trust you

• All designs must be in portrait A4 format at 300 dpi (2480px x 3508px)
•.Competition ends December 9 2010

• Email your entries to

OK? We look forward to seeing what you’re up to, and publishing your entries. Pass this news along to any designers you know.

Well I did and here’s my entry as such. x


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